• Al, A2 Pressure Vessel Design License
  • Al, A2 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License
  • ASME "U", "U2", "S" Certification


  • Member of China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association
  • Member of China Council for The Promotion of Special Equipment Safety and Energy Saving
  • Deputy Committee Member of China Peroleum And Chemical Industry Federation Supplier Work Committe

Tubesheet Processing∮8600mm

Tubesheet in Deep-Hole Drilling

Tubesheet Processing∮730mm

3Tubesheet in Special Material (Titanium Alloy)

Pickle/Titanium/Titanium Alloy/Nickel-Based Alloy/Copper-Clad Tube Sheet

4Tubesheet in Special Processing Technology

Capacity of Processing


  • Hole Diameter Range : ∮1.5mm -∮238mm


  • Hole Diameter Range :∮12mm -∮50mm
  • Hole Depth Range : 1100mm


  • Maximum Size : 13000mm X 6000mm, 9300mm X 100000mm


  • Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titaniumtim, Composite Plate, Nickel Base Alloy
Equipment Name Set
Mult-drilling Machine 32
Deep Hole Drilling Machine 11
Radial Drilling Machine 8
Vertical Lathe 10
Others 23

Major Equipment

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